Netko listed on trusted EU based cryptocurrency exchange

Listing day on has arrived. Netko digital currency is now listed on trusted EU based cryptocurrency exchange Listing on a secure, transparent,innovative crypto exchange was a long overdue matter for Netko.

In order to make the listing a great and memorable one, is hosting its 4th trading competion.

Netko trading competition on starts august 6th 2020.
Netko trading competition on ends september 4th 2020.

For cryptocurrency traders that dont have a trading account on yet, we have prepaired a special affiliate invitation to join Tokens exchange.

Our affiliate trading fee cashback is 40% and we are sharing that fee 50/50 with our affiliates, so dont hesitate and signup and enjoy a lifetime of satoshis back on all your trades credited to you main trading account every day. affiliate program is one of the best ones on the market.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and you are just getting started, has it all and new features are released every month.

  • transparent/auditale trading volume
  • a variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens to trade
  • free market making bot
  • non intrusive mobile app for android and ios devices for trading on the go 24/7/365
  • ieo startup launchpad to kickstart your project
  • cryptoloans backed by the native exchnage DTR token
  • earn passive income with Tokenss interest
  • 3 fiat gateways/onramps with the lowest fees on the market
  • blog packed with valuable content that will turn a complete newbie into a professional trader
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